Re: [patch] getting '--devices=skip' to work

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P> Paul Eggert wrote:
>> Tim Waugh <twaugh@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

P> FYI this also could be a dupe:

>> Of the coreutils programs that use O_NONBLOCK:
>> chown and touch don't do I/O. dd uses O_NONBLOCK only when the user
>> asks for it explicitly. shred uses it only on /dev/random. stty uses
>> it only on its argument, which is supposed to be a device. (There is a
>> FIXME that this assumption should be checked, but there's more to be
>> fixed here than O_NONBLOCK.) tail does nonblocking reads in some cases
>> but doesn't use select() or poll().
>> None of these uses would run afoul of the bug that you mentioned, as far
>> as I can tell.
>> POSIX is pretty vague about what O_NONBLOCK does, except for pipes,
>> fifos, and sockets. So if we limited ourselves to what POSIX required,
>> coreutils would require several changes. I wouldn't bother with this,
>> though, unless there's a real problem.

P> So did the following change make it into redhat kernel-2.6.8-1.624
P> and
P> was then subsequently removed? Note I don't ever see it goi...

ng into the
P> official kernel.

Yes, the change was reverted, and no, it will not go into the upstream