Re: Warnings from m4 files patch


On Sat, Nov 20, 2004 at 06:18:30PM +0100, Jim Meyering wrote:
> In case you haven't already, look at how bison handles
> gnulib-supplied lib/ and m4/ files. Take a look at its bootstrap
> script. You might be able to copy it verbatim and change only the
> `package=bison' line.

yes, this is very nice. I cannot use it as is, the end contains
"bug-bison@xxxxxxx" and "parse_gram_y" which are bison specific.

But let me to comment in the order in which the code is written:

The very beginning, options and getting gnulib subdir, probably has to be
uploaded to every package's CVS.

Then, big part of code is general and should somehow go to gnulib CVS.
I mean everything from gnulib_modules assignment to autoreconf--well, at
least the recursive module dependency evaluation.

Then there is the hack with removing intl/ and some m4 files from gettext.
Perhaps it would be better to arrange to have 'AM_GNU_GETTEXT([external])'
explicitely in the, so that autopoint doesn't copy the whole
intl/ stuff. (If nothing else, this can be a comment inside m4 ``ifelse''.)

If you have access to bison and gnulib and want to work on any of these
suggestions, it would be nice.

To conclude, yes, it's really inspiring to read bison/bootstrap, and I'll
eventually copy most of it to grep/ .

Thank you,