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> On Thu, 21 Mar 2002 15:05:18 -0800, "Norman Black"
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> > According to the docs, you are not supposed to use
> This is what the GTK+1.2 docs say about gtk_widget_unparent:
> |gtk_widget_unparent ()
> | void gtk_widget_unparent (GtkWidget *widget);
> | widget :
> That's all there is. Secondary literature tells me it is supposed to
> used in derived widgets. There is nothing fundamental about this
> and it won't be there if it weren't supposed to be used at all.

Damn. My bad. I have both the 2.0 and 1.2 docs on my machine and in this
instance I looked at the 2.0. This is what it said.

This function is only for use in widget implementations. Should be
called by implementations of the remove method on GtkContainer, to
dissociate a child from the container.

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> > You should probably use gtk_container_remove to remove a widget from
> > container widget, unless the contain widget has a specific removal
> > call. For example the notebook widget has its own API for removing a
> > page. Things like the packing boxes do not.
> I'll check gtk_container_remove, thinks for the hint, but from the
> wording of the function name I suspect it does pretty much the same as

> gtk_notebook_remove_page, i.e. removing and *discarding* the sub-tree,
> leaving the notebook with one page less behind. I want it exactly the
> other way round.
> Cheers Peter
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