Re: gtk_widget_unparent

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002 15:05:18 -0800, "Norman Black" <stonybrk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> According to the docs, you are not supposed to use gtk_widget_unparent.

This is what the GTK+1.2 docs say about gtk_widget_unparent:

|gtk_widget_unparent ()
| void gtk_widget_unparent (GtkWidget *widget);
| widget :

That's all there is. Secondary literature tells me it is supposed to be
used in derived widgets. There is nothing fundamental about this statement;
and it won't be there if it weren't supposed to be used at all.

> You should probably use gtk_container_remove to remove a widget from a
> container widget, unless the contain widget has a specific removal API
> call. For example the notebook widget has its own API for removing a
> page. Things like the packing boxes do not.

I'll check gtk_container_remove, thinks for the hint, but from the
wording of the function name I suspect it does pretty much the same as
gtk_notebook_remove_page, i.e. removing and *discarding* the sub-tree,
leaving the notebook with one page less behind. I want it exactly the
other way round.

Cheers Peter
Dr. Peter Rottengatter peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx