Subject: gtranslator R 0.41 ("VeViTra") released.

Herewith we're presenting you gtranslator R 0.41 ("VeViTra") which is a
bugfixing release of the R 0.40 from last month -- it contains majorly
script corrections, small bugfixes in the routines, a little bit more
UTF-8 awareness and two new "voodoo" options for the
gtranslator-options-fatihists ... erhm gtranslator-options-fetishists in

WARNING: gtranslator is a gettext editor with enhanced features and
maybe too many options but it has got a quite usable and stable level
within this and the last release. You should try it and tell the taste
of it to me :-)

You can get the R 0.41 via the tarball on
(, ( for
the tarball and maybe in the next time also for the RPM packages and from the
Debian main archive for the main tarball in the next time -- thanks to our
packagers from here!

PS: Wouldn't it be nice if you would also rate this project on f.n
( Thanks and have a nice
evening/night/day :-)
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