Re: Added support for another Canon Raw format

--- John Ellis <johne-H+0wwilmMs3R7s880joybQ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> skrev:

> "Daniel M. German" wrote:
> >
> > I completed support for canon CR2 format. In
> combination to the CRW
> > format (which I added last week) it means that
> gqview is able to
> > browse raw files from most of Canon cameras.
> > ........ removed text ..........

Thanks Daniel for doing this, just what i need.

> I have just committed code to sourceforge CVS that
> contains this patch.

Thanks John for a nice program (and incoorporating raw

using the jpeg preview works fine for my Canon EOS300d
crw files.

> ...............removed text
> not tested. Does the crw
> sample you provided earlier contain EXIF data? it
> does not display EXIF for me,
> perhaps I broke something?

You will be out of luck if are looking for EXIF data
in the jpeg preview image which is extracted from the
crw file.

EXIF data (or that type of data) is in another area of
the file and the crw file is CIFF format.

Best regards.
Rolf Østvik

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