[WikimediaMobile] Rebooted Wikipedia iOS v3.1
Beta1 Released!

Heya everyone!

Since the rollout of our official Wikipedia Android application, we've
been working on providing the same experience for our iOS users. Were
happy to announce that we've polished off our beta enough for you to
try a total reboot of our iOS app.

For those that just want to get going download it from here, drag into
iTunes, and sync.
http://dumps.wikimedia.org/iOS/Wikipedia-3.1beta1.ipa (MD5

NOTE: If you haven't given us your UDID then this IPA will NOT work
for you. We need to have your IPA before we build a new version in
order for it to work. If your try the IPA and find that it wont
install then follow these instructions and then send us your UDID

Load it up on your iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad) and use
it as you normally would. Features you should particularly test are:

1. Lack of crashes! This is our most requested feature from the
current app in the market, and we are glad to oblige. The new app does
not crash when you look at it the wrong way. Please try various ways
of crashing the app, and report your success/failure to do so to us!

2. Search suggestions and full text search. Start typing a few
characters, and pick out an article from the list of suggestions
provided. You can also tap the search button to perform a full text
search over all of wikipedia.

3. Saved pages. You can save pages when online and read them later
when you are offline. Try it in different combinations and with
different sized articles.

4. Read article in other language. This feature lets you read the
article you are currently viewing in other languages. Try it out for
multiple languages, with different connectivity states and check for
any inconsistent states.

5. Did You Mean? search suggestions when searching. Type in a few
misspelt words when searching, and wait for the app to suggest
spelling corrections

6. Nearby Me feature shows you points of interest near you that have
WIkipedia Articles! Try it out with GPS available and without, in
different parts of the world with different languages.

7. Tapping co-ordinates in any article (eg. article on San Francisco)
shows a map view with articles around that article. Explore this
functionality across many geographic regions and languages!

8. Access Wikipedia in your native language. Use the settings menu to
change your content language, and then try doing everything else here.
Should provide the same seamless experience in any language.

9. Share page functionality is broken for now. Next beta!

10. Generally play around with the app, explore new features! There is
an easter egg somewhere too, so see if you can find it :)

General Feedback
(edit away).

There are bound to be bugs but don't think that someone else will file
them for you. If you don't file it then chances are that we won't
know it's an issue - so file away at
If you're not sure of whether it's a bug or not, then come join us on
#wikimedia-mobile (freenode) and we'll sort it out.

Yuvi Panda T

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