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Re: [symfony-devs] Of XML & Yaml configs.

Hello list, I am reading along with much interest, but have (still) not used symfony2, so if what I ask makes no sense, just ignore it. I have some problems to understand why XML is used in this way, especially the parameters block. For me the yaml version has more context info then the XML version: in yaml it is clear that all parameters are security params, there is a group of (security) authentication params, and other groups. >From XML point of view(and also judging from the xsd file), there is only a long list of unordered params, that are also not validated (only validation is that the parameter tag may have a type, key and id property). IMO to use the strength of XML (validation), the parameters block should look like this (and would then have the same context info like I mentioned for yaml above): <parameters> <security> <context> <class>Symfony\Component\Security\SecurityContext</class> </context> <authentication> <provider> <dao> <class>Symfony\Component\Security\Authentication\Provider\DaoAuthenticationProvider</class> </dao> <pre_authenticated> <class>ymfony\Component\Security\Authentication\Provider\PreAuthenticatedAuthenticationProvider</class> </pre_authenticated> </provider> ... </authentication> ... </security> </parameters> BR Georg Am 18.11.2010 00:39, schrieb Jordi Boggiano: > Heya, > > So.. as a followup to last's week IRC talk, where someone told me to > convert the security services definition from xml to yaml to see how > ugly it would get, I'd like to present you my findings: It's actually ok! ;) > > First of all, the base XML one: http://pastie.org/1307034 > Second, the Yamlified version: http://pastie.org/1307035 > > Seeing that, what do you guys think? Do you really think XML is worth it? > > ======= > > Another somewhat related issue btw that someone came to talk about on > IRC, if you got the following DBAL config, you can't just override the > dbname in your config_test.xml, you have to redefine the entire tag, > duplicating all attributes: > > <doctrine:dbal dbname="" user="" password="" host="" /> > > With Yaml it is very easy to just override one entry with: > > doctrine.dbal: > dbname: testingdb > > If anyone has a clue how to address that in XML please speak up. > > Cheers > -- If you want to report a vulnerability issue on symfony, please send it to security at symfony-project.com You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "symfony developers" group. To post to this group, send email to symfony-devs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx To unsubscribe from this group, send email to symfony-devs+unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx For more options, visit this group at http://groups.google.com/group/symfony-devs?hl=en

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