Subject: [VEHICLE] of the week 579 - Hargrave H-6 Cargo

This is a weekly posting with GURPS vehicles (and the like) to the
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redistribution of my work, but I would like to know if you put it on
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Onno Meyer, 2005-11-28

Hargrave H-6 Cargo Submarine v1.0 (GURPS Traveller TL5)
Copyright 2005 by Onno Meyer

On the cool southern seas of Vanejen, ice blocks surface traffic for
much of the year. With locally sustainable technology, submarines like
the Hargrave H-6 are commonly used to slip under the ice.
The H-6 is a small freighter, with holds for 6 dtons of cargo. It has
a captain, a first mate, a chief engineer and 3-5 sailors, which leaves
berths for 1-4 passengers. Some pirates mount deck guns and MGs, but it
is not possible to add torpedo tubes to the civilian craft. With glass
vision ports for underwater docking and navigation, a H-6 would be ill
prepared to withstand depth charges.
The submarine has twin gasoline engines for surface travel, with fuel
for 2,000 nautical miles at 8 knots routine travel speed. Submerged, it
can sustain 2.5 knots for 24 hours or 4.8 knots for 4 hours on battery
power. At routine travel speed, the engines burn 48 gallons of gas per
hour. A full load of fuel is $3,600.
The H-6 was introduced in the classic Traveller adventure Research
Station Gamma. Some changes were necessary for a Vehicles adaptation.

Subassemblies: Body +7, Superstructure +4.
Powertrain: Two 400-kW screw propellers; two 400-kW gas engines;
3,200,000-kWs lead-acid batteries.
Fuel: 12,000 gallons gasoline (fire 12).
Occ: 3 RCS (body), 1 RCS (Superstructure), 4 RS (Body), 5 bunks.
Cargo: 3,000 cf.

Armor F RL B T U

All: 4/80 4/80 4/80 4/80 4/80

Body: 5-mile searchlight; 10 man-days limited life system; 500
man-days provisions. Superstructure: 30x 25' periscope; navigation
instruments; 2-ton crane.

Size: 150'x15'x30' Payload: 70 tons Lwt.: 360 tons
Volume: 12,800 cf Maint.: 23 hours Price: $738,490

HT: 8. HPs: 12,000 Body, 1,800 Superstructure

wSpeed: 13 wAccel: 0.2 wDecel: 0.5 wMR: 0.05 wSR: 5
uSpeed: 8 uAccel: 0.2 uDecel: 0.5 uMR: 0.05 uSR: 5
Surfaced draft 7.2'. Submerged draft 31'. Crush depth 154 yards.

Design Notes
Body is 12,400 cf. Superstructure is 400 cf. Structure is heavy and
standard, with heavy compartmentalization, average hydrodynamics and a
submersible hull. Armor is standard metal. Mechanical controls. There
are 106.67 cf of empty space in the body and 99.2 cf of empty space in
the superstructure. Empty weight is 580,000 lbs.
The TL5 vehicle uses the design rules from Vehicles [2nd edition, 3rd
printing, Dec 2004 errata], VXi (for the crush depth) and VXii (for the
armor volume) with the text format from Vehicles Lite. Traveller rules
affect the background but not the technology.

Next Week: Probably a TL5 riverboat.