Subject: [gurps] re: Earth Space 2055

Gordie, you made my day.. It was blah and now.. grin..

I can see how it might be, I do expect the SG to be open knowledge.. Just to
many know about it, and its just to big a secret to be kept hidden for to

Might even have pilgrimages to Earth the Mother Planet?

As well as tourism as much as possible, but also yes, would be interesting
to see how the human vision might change.. After all, how many religeous
groups would love to go off planet and find new converts? As well as how
many Jaffa and like religiouns might come back?

As well as population might shift, as more move off world, thought where the
Nox and all fit into things. After all, they seem to be very eco-friendly,
some of our current polticial and like debates would expand? Got to preserve
this planet or that planet and all.

But also defense, what other nasties are there out there, than just the
Ghaould? How many other forms of the Ghaould are there? Any rogue system
lords still around? Star Ship Troopers and more? Aliens and more?

What about other beasties and more. Would be fun to have a combination of
SG1/SGA, as well as other like stories?

Serenity might be a good idea of how things would be..

Or what ? Would Battle Star Galactica fit into things, after all they are
humans, who left before the Ghaould took over or what?

Unas the reptilian looking beasts, are there more out there?

What other steiller races are there?

Are Vampires and Lycanthropes also races or what? Wraith and what else is
out there?

Technology, to fast and people might have problems getting to it, to much
abuse of new tech and what? It would be like AmerIndians meeting Spanish?
New diseases? New tech that cause major changes in things? But this time it
is use Earth Humans, but also what about off world humans, the information
of others and the cultural changes, might be to much for some.. Much like
current kids leaving small towns all over, for the big lights? With towns of
old folk, cuase all the kids have left?

What new drugs, and things to abuse? Distilled alcohol was a major cultural
changer, or destroyer?

Medicine might change as Doctors all over the planet suddenly find
themselves OUT OF WORK.. Or just Sarcofocus Techs?


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> From: "Gordie" <angelus19-iRg7kjdsKiH3fQ9qLvQP4Q@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Earth in 2055
> That is a real interesting question. I think that the Jaffa nation would
> a dominate race and that Earth or SGC would be out there helping other
> humans on other planets in order to strengthen the human race as a whole.
> You might even see more off world humans migrate to Earth even if they
> to keep their origins secret (like Cassandra).
> There could even be power struggles between the Jaffa due to what we've
> already started to seen their differences on how the Jaffa nation should
> governed.
> I also think that there is a possibility that all of Earth could know
> the existence of the Stargate and could cause a new problems or new
> understandings between our nations.
> Damn you! LOL! Now look what you've done my mind is racing with ideas!
> Gordie
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> > Question, what does everyone think how things will be in Earth 2055,
> > especially with things like Star Gates, and access to Atlantis?
> >
> > That is for those who are that time line fans.
> >
> > Been thinking of a scenarios where the Aliens from "Aliens" make it to
> > earth, and in numbers.. Or not earth then the planets Earth and humans
> > control. Sort of a post fall of civilization or what?
> >
> > Aliens meets Star Ship Troopers or what? Meet Alice form Final Fantasy?
> > Meets Predator?
> >
> > Mike
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