Subject: Re: [gurps] Relative power of handguns vs rifles -
also, reality check re: shooting off locks

David Scheidt wrote:

On 11/24/05, Clayten <whitenight-ZNDK5virmD8dnm+yROfE0A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Here's an interesting test of the movie cliche of shooting a lock off of
a door.

The locks were cheap "MintCraft, 2 inch Laminated Padlocks". The locks
were hung 15' away from the shooter.

The rest of the pistols produced negligible damage. They might suffice
to jam the lock on a following enemy, but little else. Even with a full
clip it's unlikely any of these could hurt the lock. Critical hits only.

Of course, if you're shooting at a lock, you're unlikely to be doing
it at 15'. And you might well not shoot the lock, but rather the
thing it's locking. Lots of hasps aren't made of hardened steel. And
of course, doors tend not to be either.

as per the original site, linked above: "We shot from a distance of about 15 feet, mostly to be far enough away in case of lead splattering.", and with the pistol rounds that just bounced off the lock, it was definitely a good idea.

Also, as per the original site:
" I am often asked the question: "Don't you know that the way you shot the locks is not the "best" way to break a lock?"

Answer: Of course I do. I was not trying to determine the "best" way to break a lock. To do that, the shooter should either shoot down onto the top of the lock body, or shoot the hasp itself.

What I was doing was testing the way locks are often shot in movies and TV shows to see if that would actually break or open the lock.

It so happens, that a few weeks ago I was watching the movie "Ronin" (a good one, BTW), and the bad guy was running down an alley trying to escape. He came to a locked gate. He pulled his 9mm pistol and shot the lock right in the body, ju...

st like I did.

The lock exploded and he made his escape.

I had to laugh."
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