Subject: Re: [gurps] Relative power of handguns vs rifles -
also, reality check re: shooting off locks

On 11/24/05, Clayten <whitenight-ZNDK5virmD8dnm+yROfE0A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here's an interesting test of the movie cliche of shooting a lock off of
> a door.
> The locks were cheap "MintCraft, 2 inch Laminated Padlocks". The locks
> were hung 15' away from the shooter.
> The rest of the pistols produced negligible damage. They might suffice
> to jam the lock on a following enemy, but little else. Even with a full
> clip it's unlikely any of these could hurt the lock. Critical hits only.

Of course, if you're shooting at a lock, you're unlikely to be doing
it at 15'. And you might well not shoot the lock, but rather the
thing it's locking. Lots of hasps aren't made of hardened steel. And
of course, doors tend not to be either.

David Scheidt
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