Subject: [gurps] Relative power of handguns vs rifles -
also, reality check re: shooting off locks

Here's an interesting test of the movie cliche of shooting a lock off of a door.

The locks were cheap "MintCraft, 2 inch Laminated Padlocks". The locks were hung 15' away from the shooter.

9mm ball, JHP, and .45 ACP all merely dented the locks, in some cases freezing the mechanism.

.44 magnum, 240gr JHP - fractured lamination, lock thoroughly ruined, but still firmly attached.

.556 XM193 ball - straight through lock, small hole

.223 remington soft-point - straight through lock, small hole

.308 M1A2 ball - blew off bottom of lock, still firmly attached

.30 AP - blew off bottom of lock, still firmly attached

12 gauge Brennke slug - Lock demolished

The rifles all blew through the lock with ease, but the smaller rounds simply didn't damage it enough. With a better shot (full aim bonus) and a good angle, they probably should do this.

The .44 magnum could, with a few shots or good placement, destroy the lock.

The rest of the pistols produced negligible damage. They might suffice to jam the lock on a following enemy, but little else. Even with a full clip it's unlikely any of these could hurt the lock. Critical hits only.

And, of course, shotgun slugs. Apparently if you have to stop a tyrannosaurus, or rampaging padlock, a shotgun with slugs is the best thing to carry.
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