Subject: Re: [gurps] Zombie game - Ideas

Jeff Wilson wrote:
From: Eric Funk <eric.funk-02WNqomuREg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Should there be a cure the
players are striving for, is one even possible?
IMO, if there's a credible cure, then it largely ceases to be horror.

Seems reasonable. I won't rain on their parade then, but I won't include the plot device myself. It's not a horror per-se, but it is supposed to be the end of everything they know and the death of everyone they hold dear.

Why would head shots make a difference to undead?

Kromm sez, because they're twisted mockeries of the living, at least mystical undead.

In this case, the zombie is being animated by a nanotech "virus". It's the "stronger, because it doesn't feel pain", not-quite-dead class of zombies, not the actual animated dead. But, because the virus causes massive brain damage similar to mad cow it's mostly a moot point.

I'm going to have the "virus" be the first start in something halfway between System Shock (the computer game), and David Gerrold's Chtoor. The zombie reaction is isolated, the party will (if lucky) escape the ravaged area whenever the thrill of zombie killing wears off, and then phase two begin - take back the planet!
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