Subject: [gurps] Role Playing WW1

Anyone done a campaign during the WW1 time period?

Agreed about no one was ready for the war, as well as what else happened.
The Flu of 1918 was spread in part it seems cause of the war, 1916 troops
got it, they got weak from war stress, the bug mutated, alot of people in
close numbers to each other.

WW1 could have been alot worse. Medical care was better than US Civil War
and Crimea.. The survival rate of a wounded soldier went up?

Poltics changed, after all, from what I hear, Gallipoli was a nail in the
Empires coffin, when it came ot ANZAC troops as well as others..

Major social changes came about post war. From women sufferage, jobs and
more, as well as racial changes.. Black soldiers doing well, was not just a
opps of Civil War, they found well for the french.. Could not deny that.

Tech changes, from tanks, planes, how they was used. Machine gun, medicine,
even genetics.. Power shift, old order was wiped out for the most part.
German/AstroHungarian/Ottoman Empires, and Russian as well. GONE.

British Common wealth was on its way as well..

Anyone like to do a RPG module or like during the times? Or include it in a
book on the while time period?

Colonial Wars and the 20th Century?

Oddly, gaming and movies are moving towards fantasy, even sci-fantasy. So
reality of WW1 might not be to well loved? or


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> On Tue, 2005-11-22 at 04:12 -0900, Michael Adams wrote:
> > Or like the last battle before Gondor/Minas Tirith or before the gates
> > Mordor.. Both ending with divine or deadly help.. That they could not
> > with out some help beyond the normal. But agred on the generals concept
> > fighting the last war, how ill prepared WW1 generals were in fighting
> > Most were career colonial officers, never commanding more than maybe a
> > Brigade (several regiments brigaded together). Most being in command
> > they died, with no need for more, since to advance you had to wait for
> > man above you to die in place, or you made alot of money and bought your
> > next higher level.
> Actually, by WWI bought commissions were gone. Even before then you
> couldn't just buy a rank - there had to be an opening, and you had to
> persuade the Army you qualified. Generally the rank would be made
> available for purchase to the most senior officers of the next lower
> rank, first in the unit the opening was in, and then in the Army as a
> whole. It wasn't the best system, but it wasn't the worst, either.
> > Though command attitudes and like, would make for some wierd RPGing in a
> > future of our planet war? Not what you know, but who you know or how
> > you have in money? How would a like situation developed in our future? I
> > know many accuse West Pointers of being someone good old boy, I don't
> > they are any where near as bad as how the British army officers corps
was in
> > 1914/1918.
> One thing worth noting is that no Army entering WWI in 1914 was prepared
> for the way it turned out to be fought. Heck, the US Army, entering
> late, still wasn't prepared for it.
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