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One of the things about Sherman and like, was that the gloves was off.
Before 1864, somethings happened, but for the most part, people was playing
nice.. Shanendoah valley was peaceful, but it was the bread basket of the
conderacy if I remember right. And it finally became a war front and very
vicious.. A danger into the heart of the confederacy if I remmeber right,
with alot of partisan battles.. Partisan or counter partisan, I shoot 2
union soldiers (Mosby or Quantrell), you burn out 3 confederate sympathizers
and I do like in return, war in total.. Deliberate killing of the other
sides sympathyzers. One part of Civil War, people sort of glosss over, or
hide behind Virginia and Monitor (Merrimak was renamed the Virginia when it
was converted). The characted from "The Patriot" is based on a real person,
who was working against Marions soldiers in the Carolinas..
Guerillas/Partisans. Kid gloves off..

Grin, glad the professor was professional enough to give it a good grade,
even if he was not liking the subject matter.. But that war is still one you
can get into a fight over 100 years laters.. But don't mention Cromwell in
some parts of Ireland.. People have wierdly LONG memories..But noted some of
the worse wars are between family. Ireland/Northern Ireland, Balkans, Middle
East (Israeli/Palestinians/Lebenese are related culturally/ethnically and
more for some).

But yes, a small unit acting as a rear guard in an unconventional way would
make for some intense role playing. In a WW3 scenario. Namely instead of
running for the last boats at Dunkirk like withdrawl, they take the war to
the Soviets in a partisan like fashion. Making contact with people behind
the lines, organizing a resistance movement and going from there.. Partisan
war is intensely vicious, long term and dangerous, leaving scars on the
minds of people years later.

As someone on the gurps list I think mentioned, it would be a great force
multipier, but almost hopeless in scope, atleast you don't have family in
Europe, so you don't have to worry as much as other partisan/guerilla types
do, for retribution.. Even if the enemy put POWs up as hostages, you attack,
they kill some POWs? Negative propoganda is a force multiplier. Such as how
did Allied troops fight after finding out they was just cattle to the
Japanese during WW2? Or Stalingrad? 100,000 surrendered, only some 10,000
survived the next 3-4 years.


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> Chello!
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> > I know not nice examples, but .. Freedom fighters or vicious SOBs..
> How to RPG it?
> Not a bad question...I was finishing up my senior year of college on 9-
> 11. As an elective, I was taking an upper-level Criminal Justice
> course: "Agency Response to Terrorism", a classs that became more than
> theory that semester.
> Anyway, the term paper I wrote for that class was titled "Making
> Georgia Howl: The Use of Terrorism by William T. Sherman."
> I did get an A, but the prof wasn't happy! ;)
> It is a good idea, dude. I especially like the idea of running a game
> of US troops who "missed the boat" to slow down a Soviet advance...very
> kewl story to play out and tell.
> Tony
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