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Or like the last battle before Gondor/Minas Tirith or before the gates of
Mordor.. Both ending with divine or deadly help.. That they could not win
with out some help beyond the normal. But agred on the generals concept of
fighting the last war, how ill prepared WW1 generals were in fighting WW1..
Most were career colonial officers, never commanding more than maybe a
Brigade (several regiments brigaded together). Most being in command until
they died, with no need for more, since to advance you had to wait for the
man above you to die in place, or you made alot of money and bought your
next higher level.

Though command attitudes and like, would make for some wierd RPGing in a
future of our planet war? Not what you know, but who you know or how much
you have in money? How would a like situation developed in our future? I
know many accuse West Pointers of being someone good old boy, I don't think
they are any where near as bad as how the British army officers corps was in


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> Anyone done a like things, sorry watching specials on the 1918 Flu
> Wierd, how a small disease not normally deadly to birds, can be so deadly
in humans.
> With a combo of access to alot of people, concentrated, whose immune
systems are weak from war, stresss, living in cold and clamy environment,
likely digging up ground all over the place. Soldiers from all over the
British Empire, training in one of several large training camps.
> The disease spread and killed some 50million in a 1 to 3 years period.
> How would you role play in a like world?
> I know it is wierd how the disease came about during a time when soldiers
was digging into the ground, with alot of exposure to birds/fowls and to
pigs.. Some theroize that the disease had been around for a while, and it
had cycled, so that some older was immune to it, but those who was like
25-30 was not immune or lower immunity, cause of age, timing, and many was
at war, WW1 was a very stressful time for many. JRR Tolkien served and you
don't seem to hear much from him about. After all, he served it seems as a
medical officer or something during the War? Makes you wonder how he was
influenced by the war, in his later books?
> Mike
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> Subject: Tolkien and the Great War (was Re: [gurps] Role Playing
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> Michael Adams wrote:
> > JRR Tolkien served and you don't seem to hear much from him about. After
all, he served it seems as a medical officer or something during the War?
Makes you wonder how he was influenced by the war, in his later books?
> >
> There is no doubt that Tolkien was GREATLY influenced by his wartime
> experiences, which included service in the trenches and being exposed to
> German gas weapons. But keep in mind that in 1918 psychiatry as a
> discipline was in its infancy and there was very little understanding of
> the long-term effects of stress on the human mind. It was something that
> simply wasn't talked about, and if you had cracked under the strain
> people thought you were a weak-willed person unworthy of respect. So
> Tolkien didn't talk openly about the war very often.
> Yet it's easy to see parallels between the experience of the Western
> Front and elements like the Siege of Helm's Deep in "The Two Towers".
> The defenders of Rohan felt something akin to the despair of the men
> whose lives were tossed away pointlessly in Verdun and Gallipoli. And
> King Theoden seems to be modeled on the Allied Generals of the Great
> War: brave and full of resolution, but hopelessly unprepared for what
> was in front of them. Many of Theoden's military decisions were
> catastrophically ill-informed, and like those generals on the Western
> Front he was mentally fighting "the last war" as this one spiraled out
> of control. It was only the intervention of a literally semi-divine
> being that prevented Theoden's blunders from causing Rohan's total
> destruction.

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