Subject: Re: [gurps] Waiting for Powers

With expect a slight delay from the actual time the SJGames announces that the book has shipped. I pre-ordered Banestorm from Amazon in August, and didn't receive my copy until October 22nd. However, it is my opinion, that the discount Amazon offers on new books is usually worth the delay.

But, oddly enough, I can't find Powers for pre-order on Amazon. I can find GURPS Space 4th (listed on Amazon with a publication date of March 2006) for pre-order, but not Powers.

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Subject: [gurps] Waiting for Powers

I haven't place my preorder yet (mainly due to lack of current funds and a way to transmit those funds over the Net reliably) but I am awaiting GURPS Powers with bated breath, and with the word that the book was previewed successfully at GenCon SoCal (my trip to which I had to cancel at the very last minute, to my great dismay) I am now waiting for it even more hopefully.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my copy relatively quickly? How difficult would it be to get from Amazon, or should I go straight to Warehouse 23 and order it from there?
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