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Got any comments on the plot or world assumptions? Does requiring
head-shots turn the game into a NRA social? Do fungus-based zombie
plagues fall-victim to fire too easily? Should there be a cure the
players are striving for, is one even possible?

IMO, if there's a credible cure, then it largely ceases to be horror.

Why would head shots make a difference to undead?

(Classically they use some sort of aura-based life-detection, not needing eyes or ears.)

Kromm sez, because they're twisted mockeries of the living, at least mystical undead. This was his justification for saying an animated skeleton would be blinded in response to my question about throwing a cloth over its head. In light of other discussions about concepts researched during his writing of UNDEAD, I'd have to say that it works because the semi-conscious animating force doesn't realize it has no functional eyes or ears, it just continues as it did in life, only in a diminished, feverish way reflecting the replacement of the divinely given spark of life with the inferior energies of necromancy. The aura tracking thingy seems to be well-meaning sophistry from late 1st or early 2nd ed era D&D.

As for movie-zombies, the answer is "because the director says so." This lets the heroes make some headway against the hordes of the dead, before being overwhelmed. There is some justification in that non-mystical zombies are from the modern era where public education has taught the audience that the brain is the truly vital organ and the seat of consciousness. If a dead guy with no heart beat can still get up and eat you, the brain's the next most likely seat of its animating principle.

There's also a closure in that shooting for the brain tends to disfigure or obscure the face. Thus, you're figuratively no longer being preyed upon by a particular person, or even someone you knew in life...

, but just another anonymous dead guy. Uncle Bob loses much of his shock factor when you can't keep track of which zombie used to be him, so the director might as well let him go limp, and get some new threat into play, like an all-zombie basketball team or something.

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