Subject: [gurps] Zombie game - Ideas

I had an idea for a game, where people play one or more random
characters in a typical zombie-movie scenario. Bite/blood

Got any comments on the plot or world assumptions? Does requiring
head-shots turn the game into a NRA social? Do fungus-based zombie
plagues fall-victim to fire too easily? Should there be a cure the
players are striving for, is one even possible?

Why would head shots make a difference to undead?

(Classically they use some sort of aura-based life-detection, not needing eyes or ears.)

If they're humid corpses, they shouldn't burn that easily.

If the PCs are 0-50cp, then they dont' have much of a chance of discovering the cure, unless they come across it...

I'm hoping that the immediate goals inherent in a disaster game
(survive) will make it easy to play episodically, there's always
something to wrap up and something over the next horizon. The multiple
character aspect seemed neat, and like a good way to play a game at a
convention where making a character isn't practical.


Here are some meta-sites to look at:

When the zombies take over, how long till the electricity fails?

How to Survive a Zombie Attack

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