Subject: Re: [gurps] Zombie game - Ideas?

On 19 Nov 2005 at 0:27, Clayten wrote:

> Do fungus-based zombie
> plagues fall-victim to fire too easily? Should there be a cure the
> players are striving for, is one even possible?

I don't watch zombie movies very often, but one impression I've gotten is that
they always seem to involve some sort of "end of the world" scenario where the
unstoppable zombie menace engulfs the whole world. Perhaps a way to twist the
standard scenario is to have the fungus be vulnerable to fire and the
authorities be somewhat successful at combatting it, creating a safe interior
but chaotic coastlines. The goal of the scenario turns from just being able to
survive to trying to get far enough inland that you're safe -- of course, the
fact that anyone coming out of the infected areas is being shot as a potential
carrier is a complication...

Ben Krauskopf

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