Subject: Get in to Gold

The Gold Market Update
UP 20% following More Gold Findings!

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.20 UP 20%

Banks and investors are holding on to gold reserves as the US dollar
continues to drop. Gold prices continue to rise and have now broken $800
per ounce; a price w did not expect to see till later next year.

In an effort to find more gold, large deposits found in Suriname has
turned attention to the small country of Suriname. It is literally a
modern day Gold Rush.

Hemisphere Gold Inc has recently announced findings of rich gold
deposits in Suriname. This is on their 720 sq mile property right in the
middle of the largest gold mines in the Suriname gold belt.

Top 5 Points On Hemisphere Gold Inc.

1. Up over two hundred an ounce since January, gold is on a steady climb
2. Demand for gold is up on a global scale. India has been increasing
its demand at a rate of 7% a year.
3. Cutting edge technology and careful financial management has taken
this company far. Recent news is showing as high as 3.55 Ounces/Ton.
4. Over 50 Million ounces of Gold has been extracted from the Guiana
Shield. Hemisphere's property is surrounded by gold producing mines and
advanced stage exploration projects.
5. Hemisphere chief geologist has worked with the largest gold companies
in Suriname including Newmont and IAMGOLD. These relationships will
prove useful during a large gold strike.

With all the news on this company and the pending marketing campaign to
increase investors awareness, Hemisphere has the potential to provide
fantastic returns to its early investors. Read the news, review the
website and check out the profiles that were just released on
?Stockguru?. This could be the top investment for the year.

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