Subject: favourable offer

Dear Sir, FULL CORPORATE OFFER (FCO) ? (AU METAL) Following your request for FCO from this Company, with full penalty of perjury and authority, we are happy to send you the information below:- 1. PRODUCT ? A.U Metal (Alluvial Gold Dust) in raw form. 2. QUALITY ? Not less than 22 carat with a minimum purity of 95% or Better. 3. QUANTITY ? 100kgs available as at now 4. PRICE ? $ US 13,000.00 5. PACKAGING ? in metal boxes 6. SHIPMENT ? shipment will be made through precious mineral marketing company (PMMC) of Ghana (FOB) to buyer?s choice of destination. 7. METHOD OF TESTING /ASSAYING ? samples are to be picked randomly by buyer or his representative for analysis at any recognized laboratory in Ghana. Geological survey department of Ghana (GSD)/ precious mineral marketing company PMMC) 8. TERMS OF PAYMENT - after satisfactory result of sample testing, full payment must be made to the accounts of the precious mineral marketing company (PMMC) of Ghana respectively, with ASONA MINING LTD as sole beneficiary. Once precious mineral marketing company (PMMC) confirms payment, onward shipment will be made accompanied with the following documents: PMMC Assay invoice which will indicate: purity (i.e. gold content), quantity in ounces and kgs, value in both us dollars and local currency,in the case of LC our condition is a standby LOC or documentary letter of credit in our test and we will deliver CIF 9. Due to sensitive nature of gold transactions world-wide, we deem it appropriate that either buyer or his representative should come down personally to see things their right perspective before the transaction takes off. We hope with the above information supplied you will see your way clear and proceed in finalizing this business within the shortest possible time for the transaction to take off soonest. Yours faithfully, For: ASONA MINING LTD. Buyer?s signature/initials MR. JAMES KAMARA (Marketing Manager) ----------------------------------------------------------------------...

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