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Laptop PCMCIA NIC Question]]

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" corporation" <chaosunpluggedtm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
: Ref/ Device Allocation Error
: My domain controller laptop [CPU] 'fried' and DELL wanted $US 960.00 to
: replace I have been out of the loop for awhile and am forwarding the
: attached email to jog memories...
: I replaced the previous NIC I was having problems with in configuring my LAN
: with an older Xircom 10/100..the following was the message upon booting up
: FreeBSD 4.4:
: "...starting standard daemons...Server3 pccard[85] Card "Xircom"("10/100
: Network PC Card")[XE2000][1.00] matched "XIRCOM"("10/100 Network PC
: Card")[(null)][(null)]...Server3 pccard[85]:driver allocation failed for
: XIRCOM(10/100 Network PC Card):Device not configured
: Mar 31 10:10:34 Server3 pccard[85] pccardd started...
: What do I need to do at this point to successfully configure this NIC...also
: when I attempted to configure netowrk settings with /stand/sysinstall 'eth0'
: does not appear as a configurable option nor does 'xe' ref/ 'Xircom'. I am
: stumped...thanks again....

You need to arrange it so that you don't have conflicting resources.
I know that's a lame answer, but in the absense of other information,
that's the best answer I can give.


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