Subject: Re: Snapshots od -stable

On Sat, Mar 30, 2002 at 09:18:01AM -0800, Bruce A. Mah wrote:
> If memory serves me right, Tony Saign wrote:
> > I just received an email confirming that the
> >
> > .iso images are NOT working for -stable :(
> Send emails such as this to -stable, not -mobile.
> A change to sysinstall was just committed to solve an incompatability with
> recent ata(4) driver changes; I imagine that this this un-broke all
> snapshots.
> Without more information (and lack of details as to what "NOT working"
> means), it's not clear to me if this is applicable to whatever problem
> you're referring to.

Not working is that the device driver probes the CD but sysinstall
does not 'see' a CD drive to install from. I think the commit to sysinstall
has fixed it.

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