Subject: problems with 4.5 on sony vaio

I’m using sc0 and a standard-supfile cvsup from a few days ago, I’m trying to build the GENERIC file, with usb disabled since this causes a hang without the assign irq to usb

My problem is that when it reaches the mounting root fs line, and it stops giving me kernel messages and starts giving me console messages, the video just stops up. It boots up the rest of the way I just don’t see anything, if I hit ctrl-alt-delete the screen will catch up and show me the login prompt once it starts showing me kernel messages again. It doesn’t complete the process but stalls while waiting for bufdaemon. I’ve tried compiling the kernel on another machine, ive tried disabling everything my machine doesn’t use, and I still have the problem, dmesg log doesn’t show any errors. I’m currently a patient in a hospital and I can’t copy my files anywhere to post them in this message, I hope someone can help