Subject: Re: Sound on Sony VAIO PCG-GR300

On Fri, Mar 29, 2002 at 09:17:07AM -0500, Chip Marshall wrote:
> I fired off an email to them last night to see what they're current
> attitude about it is. They still don't have a solution for the GR
> series, but they claimed it's because of a lack of ACPI support in the
> OS. They pointed me toward as a
> workaround for Linux. Is FreeBSD implementing ACPI anytime soon?

They already have -- on 5.0-CURRENT. 4.x probably won't get ACPI
support for the lifetime of the branch. But I'm not one of the
developers working on it, so I could be wrong...

ACPI works on my Sony VAIO SuperSlim R505JL laptop with newer
5.0-CURRENT (say, >= March 1).


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