Subject: Re: Talking to a Palm over USB (was Re: Talking to
a Palm over IR?)


> > The m5xx should work fine with the comms/birda port.
> Well, I could never get it to work, the laptop and Palm never connected.
> Do you have config files for your setup?

I just installed the birda-0.8 and pilot-link-0.9.5_3 packages from the
ports collection, enabled the IRDA port in my BIOS, created the ptyq*
devices using "./MAKEDEV pty1" because I didn't have them, and followed
the suggestion on the irs manual page:

irs -c -e -y /dev/ptyqf &
pilot-xfer -p /dev/ttyqf -b backup-dir

Then I installed jpilot to handle sync operations. Should note here
though that I couldn't get a sync to work if I had my PDA password
protected. Seems that there is no support for whatever Sony/Palm do with
the password on a hotsync operation.

Also, see my previous email about possible incompatibility in the
protocol for the Palm 5xx devices... I'll see if I can dig out the
reference sometime...



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