Subject: Re: Talking to a Palm over USB (was Re: Talking to
a Palm over IR?)

Hello all,

> > pconn_usb_open: Warning: Unexpected USB vendor ID 0x830.
> The warning can be ignored, if the rest works (coldsync currently only
> recognizes Handspring's vendor code). If the sync doesn't work after
> that, though, then Palm decided to be gratuitously different. :/

I read somewhere else that the new Palm 5xx series machines had a
different sync protocol to the older models, and that the pilot-link
code at least didn't yet understand it. Can't remember the date on the
posting though so it could be old.

You might want to try using an IR link, if you have one, to check
whether the sync protocol is understood or not. I have been using the
birda-0.8 package from the ports collection OK with jpilot to sync over
IRDA. All that's missing for my needs at the moment is an email conduit
that handles AUTH LOGIN SMTP authentication "correctly" for my DSL
provider's servers to let me in :-(



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