Subject: Re: Talking to a Palm over USB (was Re: Talking to
a Palm over IR?)

On Thu, Mar 28, 2002 at 12:34:49PM -0800, Lars Eggert wrote:
> So I tried coldsync (version 2.1.3, also build from ports), which seems
> to have some support for USB builtin:
> [larse@hbo: ~] coldsync -p /dev/ugen0 -t usb
> Please press the HotSync button.
> pconn_usb_open: Warning: Unexpected USB vendor ID 0x830.
> I'm at loss on how to continue here. Any pointers?

I use coldsync from the ports to sync my Handspring over the USB port.
You probably have to dredge through the coldsync code to see where it
checks the vendor ID. I'll bet that just skipping the check if you get
the Palm code will work.

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