Subject: Re: Xircom RealPort CardBus 10/100+56 RBEM56G-100

In message: <20020327194012.A11596@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
"Eric B . Marquez" <emarquez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
: I've tried everything that has been mention in the above threads for the
: Xircom's. I used to able to use this same card when I was using Linux
: and thought it would work like a champ on FreeBSD. Anybody have any
: ideas?
: Thanks!
: This is the error message I get in my console:
: pccardd[203]: pccardd started
: pcio0: Card type 32-bit cardbus is unsupported
: Version: Freebsd 4.5
: Xircom Card Info:
: RealPort CardBus thernet 10/100+Modem56
: RBEM56G-100

This is a 32-bit card. That's not supported on -stable.
: pcic0: Card type 32-bit cardbus is unsupported


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