Subject: Re: Install problems on Sony VAIO PCG-GR300

On March 27, 2002, Joe Clarke sent me the following:
> You're not going to be happy with this, but I bought a GR-370, and ended
> up getting rid of it since I never did get things working very well. I
> was able to install 4.5-RELEASE, -stable, and -current on the laptop
> (4.4-REL does _not_ work). I was not able to get sound working at all.
> I could only get X working on -stable, but it may work on -current now.
> I first installed on the whole disk. Then, I blew everything away, and
> restored just the C: drive from the Sony disks. After that, I installed
> FreeBSD on the remaining partition. I used the Standard boot manager
> selection. The laptop booted, and was pretty fast, but I wanted sound
> for my DVDs.
> If you think the boot sector might be corrupt, try an fdisk /mbr from a
> boot diskette. You can also use sysinstall from the install floppy to
> set the XP partition to be active.

Hmm... this is unhappy news. I did manage to get it to dual-boot WinXP
and FreeBSD 4.5-R. It turned out I didn't set an active partition (big
duh.) I'm compiling X 4.2.0 now. I tried the OpenSound drivers
briefly, but they didn't seem to be happy, so I plan to look into it
more later.

What sort of X problems were you having? I thought the Rage Mobility
was pretty well supported.

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