Subject: Re: wireless nic on two OS ?

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Subject: Re: wireless nic on two OS ?

> The only persistent information is usually WEP keys. So "maybe", if your
> other settings happen to be whatever your card vendor picked as their
> default in Windows.
> (Not really a question for -net, though.)
> Vinod wrote:
> > Can a wireless NIC be configured for two operating
> > systems at the same time? I have one configured for
> > freebsd right now.will make the machine dual bootable
> > with windows2000 was wondering.I know my card
> > will start functioning when it boots up for
> > freebsd.will it do the same when it boots up for
> > windows? I think it should but just wanted somebody to
> > confirm it before i start.
> > Thanks,
> > Vinod
> >

It does work. I can't speak about all cards, but I routinely
reboot my FBSD 4.5-RELEASE system back to the original Win98 gateway
all the time, w/ an Orinoco Silver PCMCIA->ISA CardBus setup....Jet

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