Subject: Re: Util for dell i8k's

shadows wrote:

That would be just excellent.

Would anyone be able to help me get the APM working on my Dell Lattitude
CPxJ650GT. I do apm -b and it says device not configured. How would I
configure this device?

Hmm, I started porting the linux i8k kernel module to bsd but shelved it when I went to -current as the ACPI support could do this sort of thing. Now I'm back in -stable land I'll see if I can put the hooks in for folks.

In regards to apm, you must make sure it's in the kernel and also enabled. By default it is disabled. You can either remove the 'disabled' bit from the GENERIC kernel config or add:

en apm0
fl apm0 0x0

to /boot/kernel.conf

(which may not exist yet)


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