Subject: sony vaio PCG-GRX316XX : does it work ?

Hi freebsd-mobile,

i'm back on the list. I'm creating my own business in France with the
help of the FreeBSD and OpenBSD operating systems.

i would like to buy a new laptop (my thinkpad A20m is bad at compiling
with 500Mhz...), and i'm focusing on the sony vaio PGC-GRX316SP or MP
(pentium IV @ 1.7 or 1.6 Ghz).
[ i just verified on; the french GRX316 seems to be the US
GRX500 or GRX570].

i would like to know if any of you has tested it under FreeBSD (stable
or current) and if it works well, or what works and what doesn't.
particularly, the sound card, the memory stick reader, the TV out plug,
the CD-RW, and the radeon in 1600x1200 (they say on the site that the
card's memory is 16Mb, and that 16 more Mb are shared). It expect all
the rest to be OK (cpu / disk / usb / dvd reader) exept the winmodem (i
presume) that will not work.

as even google is unable to find anything on "freebsd grx316" (or
GRX5[70]0), i would like to hear from you before buying it. if noone
has it, i will surely buy it and give feedback on the list.

best regards to the crew,

Olivier Cortes
GPG 1024/46CE0A51 : 8DB6 A56C 00CA DA0F F77F 86EB E86A 803C 46CE 0A51

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