Subject: Re: ATA flash card under 4-STABLE


As I promised, today I tried NetBSD (1.5.2) on my PC104 machine. The
kernel recognised the ATA controller and after that the ATA flash card.
This was when I started the installation from floppies, so I could install
directly to the flash.
After the installation the machine successfully came up. It works like a
BTW, the write performance of the flash is slower than FreeBSD (both
-current and -stable), because with FreeBSD I could do about 700 kB/s,
with NetBSD I can do only 148 kB/s.
The speeds when the machine reads from the card are mostly the same in
both OSes.

Warner, could you please take a look on NetBSD when your time permits? It
would be a great advantage if FreeBSD could be so easy to install on this
machine too.

Thanks a lot!
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