Subject: Re: ATA flash card under 4-STABLE


> : That's great, because it means that I can have pccard root in -current. :)
> I didn't say that, now did I?
Nope. I just thought that if you say "it's not possible in -stable", then
it can be done in -current.

> However, at some point in the future I do plan on making this possible.
I'm glad to hear that, but my problem is that I have to do this now... :)
BTW, can we plan on this? Could you say an approximate time window for
this feature to be implemented? Next month, next year...
What should be needed for this to work? Do you have the resources to write

If it won't be in the near future can anybody say an alternative on which
booting from ATA flashcards is possible?
I did not find too much info regarding this issue. Is this better
supported in other BSDs, like NetBSD? (I will try that)

> There's also some issues that I've had with getting ata flash cards
> working on -current at all, but it only seems to impact some cards.
Mine works perfectly with -current as of 0203 (Mark's snapshot on FreeBSD
mirrors). The system is rather slow on this PC104 machine, but this is
trivial (I've read UPDATING :), because this is a GENERIC kernel.

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