Subject: Re: ATA flash card under 4-STABLE

In message: <1017055196.391.17.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Mark Sergeant <msergeant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
: My two cents worth all the flash cards should be set to 0x1 or make the
: "default" option smarter, took a wake up call from Warner before I
: figured out it was the default that was causing issues.

I agree with the latter more than the former. The rules should be:

o Scan the CIS cfe list, in the order it appears on the card,
for any 3.3V entry that we can allocate the resources for.
o Scan all CIS cfe entries, in the order of the card, for any
entry that we can allocate the resources for.

Right now I think that we insert the cfes into a list that is
backwards, and then take the first one in that list as the default.

Note: There is a "default" bit, but that bit shouldn't be used to
determine the "default" entry to use. The default bit means exactly
"Make the items mentioned in this entry sticky for future cfes (eg the
default if they aren't specified)".

I don't have the time or incliniation at the moment to try to do this,
but if someone else has that time or inclination, I'd love to
review/test their patches.


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