Subject: 4.5-RELEASE, options PNPBIOS, error messages on
boot unknown: <PNP0..> cant assign resources
repeated several times


i have an hp800ct laptop. it has pnp hardware in it, but when it boots, it
emits a bunch of

unknown: <PNP0X> can't assign resources

where X = c01,c02,000,303,f13,700,600,401,501

now, i had originally noticed that i had an ESS card that also showed up
in this list. but when i commented out an existing kernel config entry for
sbc then the <PNPESS..> error stopped appearing and the card attached to
sbc all by itself and actually *found* things that it hadnt been showing
in the sbc line when i had compiled it in by hand.

so, i poked around on the net and found out that these numbers where
different things on the computer like the printer port, irda port, ps2
mouse and what not.

does this mean that i should comment these items out of my kernel config
because the pnp probe will find them with out them being compiled in?




John L. Utz III

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