Subject: CD problems since 03/19?

Has anyone else had issues with CD devices not being detected after
~3/16 with stable?

I've been trying to get a "snapshot" CD from of
The date I'd like to get is 3/17, but the server doesn't have images for
that date. (Down?)
Prior to 3/16 they work fine, but after they won't mount the CD-ROM
during sysinstall.
3/17 - 3/20 - 3/21 - 3/22, all exhibit the same behavior.

I believe 3/17 is the magic day for wi and bsd-airtools patches to
apply cleanly????
Basically, I want a -stable CD that I can do a 'clean' install and all
my devices work!

Been meaning to send you my dmesg about the ATA pccard issue, but I no
longer have a BSD HDD :(
I've been using a RW CD to write the snapshots, and killed my working
3/9 CD.

Any thoughts? Any one else using these 'snapshots'?


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