Subject: Re: ATA flash card under 4-STABLE


> Er, you're trying to boot from the compact flash?
Nope, not this time. Although this is the final goal.

> You're out of luck doing that from a PCCard slot. You'd have to have a
> desktop PC with an ATA/CF connector. You can get it to mount etc. from a
> PCCard slot, but only after the system has booted.
Why? Because the kernel needs pccardd to recognize the device or because
the BIOS isn't aware of the PCMCIA ATA card?
If the latter, that's not problem. I've partitioned the disk and I could
actually start the loader from it. Because of the problems stated
previously (write timeouts) and the lack of time tomorrow, I could not
copy the kernel into the flash, so I don't know whether the loader can
load that or not.

BTW, if the problem is that the kernel needs some kind of userspace
activity to get the things up and ready, isn't there a workaround for
this? For example when I inserted the flash I got kernel messages saying
it found an ata controller with the following parameters [...].
What if I simply insert this into my kernel config?

Will try on monday :)


ps: if this whole thing is not working with FreeBSD, what else should I
try? Does NetBSD have better capabilities? Or maybe Linux? (bleh)
The project itself is quite interesting (for me). The company wants to buy
hundreds of PC104 machines and place them everywhere for monitoring
I would like to say it runs FreeBSD! :)

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