Subject: Re: ATA flash card under 4-STABLE


> : Mar 22 23:11:02 keksz /kernel: pccard: card inserted, slot 0
> : Mar 22 23:11:07 keksz pccardd[40]: Card "128MB"(" ") [5.0] [(null)]
> has function ID 4
> : Mar 22 23:11:12 keksz pccardd[40]: driver allocation failed for
> (null)((null)): Device not configured
> You likely need to create a custom entry for the card then, because the
> default one doesn't work on your machine due to resource conflicts.
Could you please help me in this?
This is my first encounter with PCMCIA related stuff, so I don't really
know what should I do.
I tried to place some ATA related entries from /etc/defaults/pccard.conf
to /etc/pccard.conf with the card "128MB" " " line, but got similar
errors like the above.
What else should I do?

Another question is if I can access the card with a good pccard.conf
entry, how will it be possible to boot from that? The machine has a BIOS
extension which is able to boot from the flash, but I don't understand how
will this boot a FreeBSD system? Say, I can load the kernel, it executes,
but right after that I can't access the flash for the root FS, because the
kernel doesn't recognize the ATA flashcard as a valid ATA device. And
pccardd comes into picture later...

Thanks a lot!
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