Subject: Re: Xircom Realport 10/100+56 problem

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Greg Smith wrote:

> Matt,
> 0x2e8 is the typical port for COM4. That sounds more like the modem
> side of the card.
> Can you check the output of pccardc dumpcis, to see if config 0x27 is a
> NIC config on your card. Or try
> config auto "xe" ?

0x27 is indeed the config address, and auto does work as well.

I discovered the solution took the form of adding
"machdep.pccard.mem_start=0xd0000" to /etc/sysctl.conf

The card now works fine :)

Can someone with the ability add the card description to the official
pccard.conf distribution file?

Also, apart from searching high and low on mailing lists, is the sysctl
variable mentioned anywhere else, like a FAQ or in a setup script
or something? it's not exactly the first thing that came to mind when
trying to get this thing working...

Matt Burke

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