Subject: Re: an0: record length mismatch

Lars Eggert writes:
| Doug Ambrisko wrote:
| > Try to upgrade to 4.5-stable. It is currently at 134. I bumped it up
| > to include:
| > u_int16_t an_req_hw_support; /* 0x80 */
| > u_int16_t an_unknown; /* 0x82 */
| Can't do this, but will grab the specific patch from CVS and try it
| (that should help, right?)

That's going to be hard since it was part of a larger patch set that
added a lot and requires changes outside of the driver. So either you
can ignore the warning since it is not critical (ie. they added something
to a field) or add those 2 things to the end of struct an_ltv_caps.

BTW it used to be a fatal error which was really annoying now it
just whines when they expand a RID. Fortunately they don't change
the layout of the RID so it not a real problem just annoying.

Doug A.

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