Subject: Re: an0: record length mismatch

Lars Eggert writes:
| Ever since 4.5 I get the following message when I pop in my Aironet 350
| card:
| an0: <Aironet PC4500/PC4800> at port 0x240-0x27f irq 11 slot 1 on pccard1
| an0: record length mismatch -- expected 130, got 132 for Rid ff00
| an0: Ethernet address: 00:40:96:40:5b:c9
| The card works fine; I just wanted to mention it in case someone would
| like to fix it anyway...

Try to upgrade to 4.5-stable. It is currently at 134. I bumped it up
to include:
u_int16_t an_req_hw_support; /* 0x80 */
u_int16_t an_unknown; /* 0x82 */

Doug A.

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