Subject: Sony Vaio PCG-FX 220

Hi, Everybody... or Nobody??
(This is my 12th mail with no response, neither is posted on the mailing list? Something might be not working well)

I have an issue trying to install FreeBSD 4.5 Stable on my notebook (Sony Vaio PCG-FX 220). I am newbie to FreeBSD, and I am having a quite frustrating experience. I been reading the HandBook for weeks, and it has become my new Bible. But I can?t see god?

When I began my installation, I boot with the CD-ROM, I configure the kernel (as I think is right) and after it gives the list of hardware in the booting process, system crashes, giving no response to any key or function. Last line I can see:
Mounting root from ufs:/dev/md0c (It is supposed after this sysinstall must continue)

I thought my hardware was in conflict with some IRQ and all that stuff, so I eliminate all components in conflict, but still happening the same error at the same step.

I thought maybe my notebook wasn?t BSD compatible, but reading the mailing lists I could see a guy with the same PC working fine.

If someone has this notebook working please make me know and if it doesn?t work make me know too, maybe we could do something together.

I would appreciate any kind of help.

Thanks everybody.
Daniel Coll

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