Re: alpha/36390: cvsup core dumps on FreeBSD/Alpha

jdp@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Synopsis: cvsup core dumps on FreeBSD/Alpha 4.5-RELEASE
> State-Changed-From-To: open->closed
> State-Changed-By: jdp
> State-Changed-When: Thu Mar 28 11:14:45 PST 2002
> State-Changed-Why:
> It turns out that the date on the machine in question was set to
> some time in the year 1912. That caused an overflow in a Modula-3
> date calculation.


It's now tempting to submit a bug report about a core dump when
I set my date to 1912.

In other words, that fixes the symptom, but not the problem, so
the PR should probably be updated with a workaround, but not
marked closed.

It doesn't mean you should feel obligated to fix it, just that
it's not resolved.

-- Terry

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