Re: alpha/36390: cvsup core dumps on FreeBSD/Alpha

Nicholas \"Echo|Fox\" Paufler wrote:
>> That pre-dates the use of ezm3, so it may not apply. Looks like I'd
>> better update my Alpha box and try it.
> I found an alpha package for 16.1e and i get something slightly different
> but with the same result:
> npaufler@endor:/usr/local/etc> sudo cvsup @M3stackdump ports-supfile
> ***
> *** runtime error:
> *** Value out of range
> *** file
> "/a/work/.amd_mnt/vashon/host/usr/ports/lang/pm3-base/work/pm3-1.1.15/libs/libm3/sr
> c/uid/Common/TimeStamp.m3",
> line 63
> ***

It could take a few days before I can dig into this. If you have
time, could you please try building the cvsup-without-gui port on
the machine instead of using the package?

Also, here is a long shot: Is the date set correctly on the machine?


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