Re: Please test GEOM in -current...

In message <Pine.BSF.4.21.0203271727580.24847-100000@beppo>, Matthew Jacob writ

>> I belive that alpha BSD disklabels are now correctly handled in
>> GEOM and would therefore appreciate if somebody could enable the
>> GEOM option in a current kernel and tell me if I am right or not.
>> Further more, if somebody could try to swap disks between an alpha
>> and an i386 and tell me if the both recognize the "alien" disklabels
>> when GEOM is enabled, that would be doubly nice.
>> In fact, for ultimate h0h0 effect, you can try to stick a disk
>> from a solaris machine into your alpha: it should recognize
>> the partitioning on that as well.
>It's all quite verbose, so it's a bit hard to figure out what's what for
>Alpha. Also, it *appeared* to blow up in my face on a system that had an IDE
>drive as the root device- but I'm trying to ascertain whether that was really
>the case right now.
>That system was also the one on the same fabric as Solaris labelled disks....

It doesn't look entirely wrong to me. I can see that there may be
some issue with the cd0, it should probably be more graceful about
not finding a disk there.

You need to make sure that you have a post-cleanup newfs or GEOM+md+newfs
will not play.

I also fixed a buglet in the alpha-disklabel code yesterday, I can't
tell if you have that fix or not in your kernel.

Other than that it seems pretty ok to me. Sorry about the verboseness,
it will be reduced.

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