Re: Alpha Build

On Monday 25 March 2002 16:45, you wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 04:24:44PM -0500, Scott Sipe wrote:
> > There are 4 AlphaStation 600's from which I could pick, 2 of them have
> > 'TGA graphics cards', 2 have "normal" graphics cards and "can run X."
> >  Seeing as right now I know next to nothing about Alpha's, would it be
> > better to pick one or the other, or, would one or the other be better for
> > freeBSD testing?
> 'normal' graphics card is slightly non-descriptive I'm afraid ;)
> Can you get a SHOW CONF & SHOW DEV from all machines? Just hook up a serial
> port of a PC (or terminal) to serial port #1 of the Allpha (9600N81)
> and look for the >>> prompt before entering the command.
> SHOW CONF will give you all info on the box. CPU speed, memory,
> expansion boards etc. SHOW DEVICES will give you the peripherals
> Wilko

I really can't I don't think, unfortunately. These computers as I understand
are sitting somewhere in a closet in my school's CS department. I'll see
what I can do though. I'll probably try to take a look at them tomorrow or


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